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Apr 05, 2019
In Share Your Story
Following the NOW team amazing suggestion, we are seriously planning less meetings and more celebrations (you guys said THAT right?) Watch this video! We are deeply grateful and proud of the great work of our Champions of Public Health! Cynthia is our Adelante community organizer. You see her sending messages, calling families, organizing activities for children such as the trips to the Museum, the Arsenal, camping, reserving spaces for trainings, and even cooking delicious breads for our meetings. She administers a Facebook group with more than 100 members Construyendo Comunidades Resilientes Latinas where she shares activities and valuable information for parents. Cintia and Xiomara are the leaders of the Support Group Jeffco for families with children with special needs. They meet every month at the Edgewater library and explore different themes of interest for families. They also support families who need more personalized help and collaborate with the HCP team in Public Health to ensure that families have access to services. Roberto and Paola have worked with Adelante even before it was founded! In the summer of 2018 they led Sobremesa, a Spanish conversation practice series about Latinamerican culture. This was a pilot project led by Jefferson County Public Health Libraries, Jefferson Center for Mental Health and Jefferson County Public Health exploring strategies to support organizations in Jefferson County to understand and be capable of working with Latino families from a dignity perspective. For twelve weeks, Paola and Robert, met with 20 specialists in mental health and public health sharing the beauty and complexity of our culture and supporting them in practicing Spanish. We will have news about Sobremesa soon!


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